Todd Ritter

Growing up hunting, fishing, and farming on my family’s land, I was raised very connected to mother nature. Facing harsh winters, my family taught me the value of balanced nutritional diets and a plethora of food preservation techniques.

My menus bring forward a depth a culinary exploration. Beyond my formal training at Portland Oregon’s Oregon Culinary Institute, my palate demonstrates notes of French, Russian, Japanese, Middle Eastern, and even Caribbean cuisine. Fresh baked breads and pastries tend to pop up on menus as I’ve always specialized in baking. And I would be remiss, here in Asheville, North Carolina Beer City USA, if I didn’t also mention my formal education in beer. Specifically, brewery design, operation, beer, and fermentation. Expect the yeast to surprise you.

Whether you have a private party in need of a personal chef, are interested in cooking classes, or want your wedding catered; think of Todd Feeds Asheville.

My goal is always your happiness. I will show you wonderful life changing experiences through food, nature, and fire. Thank you to those of you who have been so helpful in supporting and following this culinary adventure. I can not wait to show you what is to come. Welcome to my tasty table of taste bud discoveries!


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